Fall-ing For Sales



I got this sweater because Toni Sevdalis told me to, and whatever she says goes. I wish I had sized up to have it be a little more chunky and loose but the Small still works and I love the chic look the turtle neck gives. I’ll be ordering the tan color next!


Abercrombie jeans always go on sale, like I mentioned in my Affordable AF Jeans post. I was lucky and got these for around $20 but they’re still on sale for pretty cheap! The quality of these jeans reminds me of the Levi’s wedgie fit which usually retails around $100 but these A&F jeans look and feel just as expensive.

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3

I got these shoes from Target awhile back – an exact dupe to the Steve Madden sock booties but for a quarter of the price. Unfortunately Target no longer has them on their site but you can find these anywhere. I added a few links to dupes I found on Shein because Shein is my new obsession, if you couldn’t tell, and a pair from DSW that’s a little more expensive but still super affordable.


Obviously an Apple Watch is not very affordable or necessary, but if you have one I love getting different bands from Amazon. The Apple Watch bands from Apple are around $50, which I am not about to buy after buying the Apple Watch itself. I recently got a silver band, which is exactly like the one they sell at the Apple Store, but for only $12 and it’s my favorite.




I L Y,


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