Say Hi to vHIGH

Three years ago I created my blog. Unsure what direction I was heading in, I started posting and having fun with it. Writing has always been a creative outlet for me, something I like to do and something I like to believe I am good at. 

In the age of Tiktok, the Rundown, Instagram Reels, etc. blogging started becoming something of the past. No one wanted to spend more than 15 seconds to a minute on something – let alone read. Myself included, I became a victim of instant gratification on social media and scrolling endlessly. 

Don’t get me wrong – I love TikTok and continue to post on there as well (@ me). However, I think it’s important to remember why I started. It was never about what was cool or popular but rather the obsession I have for style, fashion, beauty, pop culture, finding bomb ass deals, and writing all about it for those who might care too.

About five months ago, I made a new Instagram. I post fashion and lifestyle content that I deem necessary or just make me happy. 

Today, I have *rebranded* my blog if you will, to be an extension of that Instagram page. Whether or not you have time to sit down and read a blog post, I invite you to follow my page. I am always open to new ideas, styling tips or recommendations, and anything else that could help you become vhighfashion.