Perfect Summer Hair w/ INH Hair Extensions

I don’t know if it’s because we’ve been quarantined and I haven’t seen the inside of a salon, but my hair situation has been all over the place. From box dye, to letting my roommate give me a trim, to growing a few inches, we’re definitely going through something. This is why, when my Insert Name Here remy human hair extensions arrived – I was beyond stoked

I have been obsessed with INH for over a year now – before even having tried the extensions. One of my favorite Youtubers at the time was always talking about this brand and looked amazing when she wore her extensions. I instantly followed their Instagram and followed along as they posted new wigs, extensions, and ponies. 

INH is a female founded (also vegan + cruelty free) hair company. They have so many options to choose from. These are the perfect alternative to sew in extensions (and a lot less $$). 

So when my INH package arrived at the door, I just about lost it. I received both the Brit pony and the 22″ U-Clip extensions

My first reaction was the packaging. Both of these pieces came in the cutest little purple zip up bags, individually wrapped, looking stunning and sleek. The detailing on this packaging was unreal – from a satin dust bag to store your extensions, to a sample hair piece you can test out before opening the main compartment (if you decide the color doesn’t match and want to exchange). I absolutely loved everything about this packaging.

The Brit Pony 

I chose to test out the Brit pony first, maybe because I was trying to channel my inner Ariana Grande as fast as I could. I had seen a few videos prior on how to apply this pony and it seemed fairly simple. This piece is long, 26 inches to be exact, flips out at the bottom, and has one hair piece attached at the top to wrap around the pony. I realized it would be nearly impossible for me to explain how I put it on, so naturally, I decided to record a TikTok. Watch below to see me test out the stunning Brit Pony for the first time. 

I love this pony, it is so sleek and elegant. I obviously already have pretty long hair but I will never turn down some extra volume and length. The Brit pony adds that extra glam that I would want if I am going to a fancy dinner, maybe a social distanced gathering, or anywhere that I want to really dress up and feel like a badass bitch – basically. 

22 Inch U-Clip Extensions 

Theeeese extensions, now, if you’re looking for some extra volume and length but you don’t have the time for the long process of putting in extensions – these are for you. The U-Clip allows you to clip in the extensions across your whole head, in one piece. They are so convenient they make it so easy to pop them on and look like effing rapunzel. Of course, if you want to style and curl them it could take you a bit more time because they’re long and luscious but that comes with all long hair. I have pin straight hair so I thought I would have to curl all the hair to have everything blend, but they ended up looking just as fire with me keeping my hair straight. In case my first Tiktok wasn’t enough for you, here’s another one on how I would style my U-Clip extensions Monday through Sunday.

Like I mentioned earlier, my hair is straight as a board and barely holds a curl. These remy human hair extensions allow me to live all my Negin Mirsalehi hair dreams. My next INH purchase will be the Shayla pony – she’s 26 inches, wavy, and a lot cooler than I am. Go check out Insert Name Here for yourself and see which piece calls out your name. Let me know in the comments what you pick up and if you’re tryna go to a fancy dinner so we can match in our hair extensions. 

Love y’all and love INH



August Favorites

This month I might have gone a little overboard with the spending but all together it was money well spent. It was officially the last week of summer this week and I have listed all of my favorites from a range of topics like beauty, fashion, music, and more.

(If you want to check any of these items out click on the picture to directly access the link)

B E A U T Y  


This face wash and Clarisonic Mia 2 duo is the key to clear skin. I stopped using it for a couple months and I felt the difference in my skins appearance and texture. I decided to buy the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser again and have noticed a huge difference in the week I’ve been using it.

A cheaper alternative to the Clarisonic Mia 2 can be found here, according to the recent Amazon reviews.

The Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara is the best mascara I’ve used in a very long time. I just recently got eyelash extensions so I can no longer use this mascara while  I have them but this mascara definitely gives you that full, dark, lash that fake eyelashes or extensions give you.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 8.53.02 PM.pngI love using this Too Faced Chocolate Gold Bronzer for contouring. It’s a golden brown with some shimmer which gives you a perfect highlight and glow to your whole look.


Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 4.42.26 PMThis I.AM.GIA jacket has been on my wishlist forever (along with everything else they sell) but I could never justify the purchase until I saw it was on sale on Princess Polly from the regular $80 price tag to $58. I know I am going to be wearing this jacket every day this fall.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 4.44.42 PMThe dad shoes have been catching my eye for months but I never thought I’d be able to pull them off. Of course, the Balenciaga Triple S would be the dream, but I can’t justify buying a $900 sneaker when I have piles of student loans to pay off. When I saw that DSW was carrying the FILA sneakers for only $60 I knew I had to make the move. I saw these everywhere when I was in Paris and there’s so many different ways to style them I just told myself fuck it I can pull them off.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 8.27.08 PM.png

My favorite jeans ATM are these Wild Fable jeans from the new Target collection. I have a blog post coming up with all my favorite items from the collection but this is hands down my favorite piece I got. They’re cute, trendy, and comfortable everyone always asks me where I got them!

B E D R O O M  

Beginning on August 1st I moved into a two bedroom apartment with one of my besties which means we needed (and still need) a lot of furniture and decorations. I’ve been ordering items from Amazon religiously and making daily trips to Target but here I’ve listed a few of my favorite affordable finds that I purchased for my bedroom and living room.

Himalayan Salt Lamps (Set of 2) Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oils Set : My favorites from this set that I always have in my diffuser are Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Orange.

Large Plant Pot Cover : I ordered this planter to stick my perfect new plant that I scored from Home Depot for only $40. It’s my favorite piece in my new room!
Fake Ivy Hanging Plant (2 piece) : I love resting this on shelves to add to the decor. Although fake plants aren’t the best feng shui I feel like they’re still cute to pair with surrounding real plants.

50301089_Alt04Round Decorative Wall Mirror


Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 4.33.00 PM In My Mind – Dynoro, Gigi D’Agostino

&burn_photo &burn – Billie Eilish Vince Staples

eed79cf1998beab78bdceaf8b112f19a.1000x1000x1 Worst of You – Maisie Peters

3a06e715a0edeb87d8a356156e65da29.1000x1000x1 Hurt – Sasha Sloan



I’m not much of a movie person simply because once I get through the popcorn, the buncha crunch, and the XL slurpee I start getting antsy and can’t sit through a two hour long movie with no breaks. But it happens once in a while where I catch a trailer and I get really excited to go see a certain movie, this month it was Crazy Rich Asians. I went to see it and I could not recommend it more to anyone. It brings out all of the feels – laughter, tears, clinical depression and jealousy. And if you’ve seen it or you’re going to see it all I have to say is… THE WEDDING SCENE.


This popsocket has changed the game. I am obsessed. Everyone says to get one but you don’t know until you know – I don’t know how I held my phone before this… the days of me dropping it on my face are behind me.


Hope you enjoy my August favs!