Solvang’s The New Napa

Alright, I have finally recovered from my day of wine tasting in Solvang and now I need to tell you all about it. This is a PSA – if you are ever in the Santa Barbara area or anywhere near Santa Ynez Valley – you need to check it out. Grab your best friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, or family to celebrate your birthday, bachelor/bachelorette, or just the weekend and go.

To celebrate my twenty-third birthday a group of my closest friends and I rented a limousine service to pick us up and take us to three wineries in Santa Ynez and return us home in one piece. We used Sammy’s Limo’s & Tours and got to pull up in style in a huge white limo feeling bougie af. Sammy was super helpful in helping us choose the best wineries and even gave us an extra free hour.


Below is a list of the three wineries we went to, followed by pictures of each to give you a better sense of what they looked like and some tips for when you decide to go!




Kalyra Winery was the first stop on our list. We weren’t too sure where to head first so Sammy dropped us off here and we started off the day by taking thousands of pictures next to the vineyards (but like wouldn’t you too??). Here we started with a flight of five different wines for $15, the people working here were super nice and helpful in giving us tips on where we should head to next.

BTW, none of these wineries accept tip on cards so make sure you bring some cash along with you!!


4Not only was the flight delicious, but I also got to hang out with a pup. Here’s a picture of me in the midst of using my baby voice “wittttlleee pawwws”.

B R I D L E W O O D  E S T A T E  W I N E R Y


Next stop was the Bridlewood Estate Winery (this one was my favorite!!). We arrived expecting to each get another flight but one of the workers let us know it would actually be much more beneficial to get two bottles and share those. Thanks to her, we got one rosé and one white wine at the next two wineries. This estate was drop dead beautiful and so big that we felt like it was just us! We even got to hang out with horses.. which was my favorite part.

IMG_8597Walking to the perfect spot on the estate to enjoy our bottles. We picked a spot next to the lake and it was absolutely gorgeous.

IMG_8664I named him Freckles.

2Ever since I saw a group of ponies in Paris I’ve been obsessing with horses. When I saw these two on the estate I was ECSTATIC.

3I’ll have seven glasses of rosé, please.

IMG_8711Cheers to my BGC.

S A A R L O O S  A N D  S O N S

Last stop was Saarloos and Sons here we got to eat cupcakes, take photobooth pics, and play a bunch of games outside. It was the perfect last stop but by the end, we were definitely ready to head home!

IMG_8854“Quick take a picture of me sitting in this chair” I became obsessed with these chairs.. am I the only person that obsesses over chairs? Probably.. but Restoration Hardware is life.

IMG_8859Is there a better combo than cupcakes and wine? (Had to borrow Raquels perfectly manicured nails for this one)

IMG_8917Thank you to my friend Paloma for capturing that perfect California aesthetic.

IMG_8884Their backyard seating area was so adorable. They even had corn hole, which apparently can get very competitive, but do not worry.. my team won.


I L Y  T O  M Y  B F F L S

Thank you to these girls for making this trip one for the books. None of us had gone wine tasting in this area and most of us hadn’t been wine tasting at all. This was a trip we’ll never forget (except for those parts we can’t remember). I’m lucky to have friends like them and no matter the distance or time we spend apart we’ll always come back together and be the same BGC.

As one of my best friends Christina always says “There are good ships, and there are wood ships, The ships that sail the sea. But the best ships, are friendships, And may they always be.”

IMG_8680.jpgC H E E R S  B A B E S

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