Welcome To My Blog!

Hi pretty people! I’m Philippine. I’m made in France, living in California, and a recent grad from UC Santa Barbara. Here you’ll find my daily inspirations recreated and applied to my personal style. Life, travel, and style are my passion, but then again so is In N Out.


I decided to start my blog because I have always gravitated towards the more creative side of my life. I wanted an outlet that would let me put my thoughts and artistic ideas onto a page. High fashion brands, beautiful locations, and positive energy (hygge) are just a few of the things that I can’t get enough of. There’s just something special about picking out the perfect outfit that I simply don’t get from doing a math problem??


Back in the day, my interest for fashion and style piqued as I scoped through Tumblr and YouTube. Spending hours online watching YouTubers discuss makeup, style, hair and what was in their purse made me interested in more. I spent hours on end learning and then applying what I saw to my personal life. However, I was skeptical, or maybe just too nervous, to put myself out there and start a blog or a YouTube channel of my own. But, I am here now and I couldn’t be more excited!

I hope you’ll follow along! Don’t forget to add your email and follow my blog to receive updates on new posts.

☆ Pants (pants pictured) ☆ Top ☆ Shoes ☆ Belt (alternative) ☆ Sunglasses ☆



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